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A Series of four Live Masterclasses in July 2024

Mastering Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC)

with Nicolas Catellier, Dan Warren and Benjamin Dufour


Mastering ACC Live Course

The use of Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC) is the new standard when working with Revit models.

ACC has many features that can boost your efficiency, but learning to use them effectively is tough.

This course covers both basic and advanced features to help you get started and make the most of ACC with guidance from seasoned professionals.

This is a live learning experience with three expert instructors, each with vast experience using Autodesk Construction Cloud. This course includes 4 exclusive live masterclasses:

  • July 3rd, 2024, 1 PM EDT - Free access
  • July 8th, 2024, 1 PM EDT
  • July 10th, 2024, 1 PM EDT
  • July 15th, 2024, 1 PM EDT

Can't make it to the live events? You will be provided with a link to watch the replays.

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Meet the Experts

Nicolas Catellier

Nicolas is an architect, a BIM specialist and the founder of BIM Pure. He is based in Quebec City, Canada.

He started Revit Pure in 2016, becoming one of the largest BIM YouTube channel and blog.

He works as a consultant with various clients using ACC on their Revit projects, ranging from architects to wood pre-fab companies.


Dan Warren

Dan has more than 10 years of experience on complex Revit projects. He has worked for McMillan Pazdan Smith Architecture for more than 5 years, and is now a Senior BIM Manager at CPL.

He is also an Autodesk Authorized Instructor, and is responsible for training on Autodesk and Bluebeam products. Dan also worked for TPM, doing BIM consulting for various architectural clients.

Dan is based in Charlotte, North Carolina and is also a triathlete.



Benjamin Dufour

Benjamin is a BIM specialist for MEP at CIMA+ in Quebec City.

He specializes in managing cloud-based applications for Autodesk products, with expertise in C# coding and Dynamo.

He also teaches BIM at the Limoilou college, and has vast experience working on complex ACC projects.



Here are the topics covered in the series:

  • Understand ACC: Distinguish ACC from BIM 360, and understand the different licenses.
  • Basic setup: Set up your ACC account, including teams, permission, folders and basic project setup.
  • Desktop Connector: Set up the Desktop Connector so you can work with any files without broken links.
  • Publishing: Publish models online and visualize them on the web, even without a Revit license.
  • Revit Links: Understand the three different techniques to link Revit files together.
  • Coordinate System: Understand the proper way to set up the coordinate system in all the models.
  • Clash Detection: Work with the clash detection matrix, properly prepare your files for analysis.
  • Issues: Assign issues to teammates, and use the Revit Issues plugin.
  • Template: Understand how to use the ACC project template feature.
  • Permissions: Learn the advanced permissions settings to control access to specific files.
  • Structure/MEP tips: Learn high-level tips to work with Structure and MEP models.
  • Coordination: Get the best practices when collaborating on complex projects with multiple disciplines and models.
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Complete list of events

All sessions last for 75 minutes + 15 minutes of Q&A
Session 1: Mastering ACC Basics

🕒 July 3rd 2024, 1 PM EST

👨🏻 Instructor: Nicolas Catellier

Learn the key features of Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC) for your Revit projects. Including:

  • Creating projects, folders, and file structures.
  • Working with the Desktop Connector.
  • Publishing and vizualising models online.
Free Registration
Session 2: Managing Revit Links and Setting up Coordinates

🕒 July 8th 2024, 1 PM EST

👨🏻 Instructor: Nicolas Catellier

Learn the difference between the 3 different techniques to link models together: Live Link, Shared and Consumed.

Then, you will learn the best practices to manage Revit's coordinate system in ACC.

Session 3: Managing Issues, Templates, Clash Detection and Permissions

🕒 July 10th, 1 PM EST

👨🏻 Instructor: Dan Warren

In this session, we're exploring intermediate to advanced level features of ACC. You will learn to create and manage clash detection, set up permissions, manage issues, use ACC templates, and more.

Session 4: Coordination between Architecture, Structure and MEP

🕒 July 15th 2024, 1 PM EST

👨🏻 Instructor: Benjamin Dufour

Benjamin shares his high-level knowledge as a BIM MEP specialist working on complex projects. You will learn the best practices to coordinate structure, MEP and architecture models in a smooth way.

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