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Learning Autodesk Revit and BIM doesn't have to be painful and boring.

BIM Pure is a knowledge platform to:

✔  Learn Revit with our core online courses.
✔  Use our template and families collections.
✔  Attend live masterclasses.
✔  Train your entire team.
✔  Get knowledge from BIM industry experts.

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Masterclasses about ACC / BIM 360

Four live masterclasses: Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC) is the new standard for Revit projects. Join three masters to make the most of your cloud projects.

📅 Dates: July 3rd, 8th, 10th and 15th at 1 PM EDT

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Learn revit the easy way


BIM Pure offers a range of up-to-date online classes for professionals in architecture, design and construction.

Whether you’re just starting out with Revit, need training for your team, or want to brush up your knowledge on specialized features, BIM Pure has got you covered!

BIM Pure is the natural evolution of Revit Pure, a blog that has helped over 2 million Revit users solve their problems. 💪

BIM Pure is the brainchild of Nicolas Catellier, a BIM specialist with decades of experience and expertise in teaching BIM concepts and best practices.

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Elevate your Revit skills

Core Revit Courses

Explore our menu of in-depth Revit courses, ranging from beginners to advanced.


Demystify key Revit concepts and truly grasp the foundations of the tool.


Explore ways to maximize your use of Revit to create jaw-dropping renderings and presentations.


Do you oversee BIM teams and want to fine-tune your Revit workflows? Become the BIM superstar in your firm.

Heroic Families

Develop powerful, strong, lean, and flexible families in Revit that your teammates will love.

Downloadable Files

Do you need strong families and a powerful Revit template? Do you need automation with Dynamo scripts? Check out our collection of downloadable files.

PRO Template

Our flagship template, considered as a standard in the industry. Streamline all your projects and become more efficient.

Window Families

Available July 2024

Get our simple, lean, and beautiful collection of Revit window families.

Door Families

Available May 2024

Download this simple and efficient collection of doors for architecture.

Dynamo Scripts

Includes twelve Dynamo scripts to automate a variety of tedious tasks.

BIM Masters Sessions

We've asked experts, innovators and leaders in the BIM and AEC industry to create mini-courses for your delight. 

BIM for Landscape 101

Combine BIM and Landscape
👩🏻 with Nehama Shechter-Baraban 

🕖 Duration: 28 minutes

Understand the fundamental principles of landscape design using 3D BIM software.

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Culture Beats Technology

A Recipe for Creating the Right Conditions for Tech Adoption
👩🏻 with Mercedes Carriquiry

🕖 Duration: 25 minutes

Mercedes is the co-founder of /Slantis, an AEC and BIM firm based in Uruguay. She'll teach you how to create a strong culture to facilitate tech and innovation.

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Join Expert-Driven Live Masterclasses

BIM Pure isn't just pre-recorded content. We offer live masterclasses for members. Attend the live events or watch the replays.

Mastering Casework Families

🕒 April 3rd 2024

👨🏻 Instructor: Nicolas Catellier

Revit 2025 is here! In this live event, Nicolas explores all the new features and answer questions about the new release.

Mastering Casework Families

🕒 March 20th 2024

👨🏻 Instructor: Ryan Schalk

Ryan is a Revit MEP specialist. In this session, he shares tips to create amazing MEP families and the right way of using manufacturers' content.

Mastering Casework Families

🕒 February 28th 2024

👨🏻 Instructor: Brenton Wiberg

Develop highly efficient and useful casework and cabinet families, from the founder of

Revit Heroic Families Case Studies

🕒 February 26th 2024

👨🏻 Instructor: Nicolas Catellier

Learn secrets from high-level, gorgeous, efficient families from the industry.

Mastering Formulas in Revit Families

🕒 February 19th 2024

👨🏻 Instructor: Nicolas Catellier

Formulas add magic to your families. Learn special formula tricks to improve your content.

Secrets of Revit's Family Editor

🕒 February 14th 2024

👨🏻 Instructor: Nicolas Catellier

Multiply your productivity by mastering the secrets of the family editor.

Included With BIM Pure membership 👇

  All courses: Access our collection of Revit and BIM courses.

  eBooks: All courses include downloadable eBook PDFs.

✔  Challenges: Complete exercises and challenges to test what you've learned.

  Template: Get access to our legendary PRO template for Revit.

  Families: Download our collection of Revit families.

  BIM Master Sessions: Watch short, 1-hour mini-courses with BIM leaders.

  Live Sessions: Attend live Q&As and masterclasses with the BIM Masters.

  The Gardens: Get support and chat in our community board.

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All BIM Pure content can be accessed with our membership. You will receive the Revit and BIM courses, but also downloadable files, live masterclass sessions, and access to the Gardens community.


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✔  All Revit & BIM Courses.

✔  BIM Masters Sessions.

✔  Get templates, families and scripts.

✔  BIM Pure Gardens members community.

✔  Live masterclass and Q&A sessions.

✔  New content every month.

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BIM Pure for your entire firm

Train your team

Need to train your entire team? Join firms such as Boka Powell, Heatherwick, and UN Studios by using BIM Pure content.


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BIM Pure features the best online blog for Revit tutorials, tips and tricks, and updates. Architecture, design and construction pros will definitely find our articles helpful. What’s more, we offer the latest best practices for business information modeling (BIM), industry trends, and Revit news.

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BIM Pure Live is a YouTube broadcast with more than 500k viewers.

Experts and industry leaders share their knowledge in a fun, casual setting.

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Architect + BIM Specialist

I have been teaching Revit and BIM for more than 10 years. I am known for creating Revit Pure and BIM Pure, where I helped more than two million Revit users solve their problems.

I am passionate about making BIM accessible to everyone. BIM Pure is the result of years of research and experimentation to bring you the best possible content. The goal is to make your practice more fun, innovative and efficient.