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Become a rock-solid BIM Manager with Revit


A Course for Revit

Create and Manage Amazing Revit Standards

MANAGE is a course to help you create a powerful Revit template, manage your data, keep healthy models and automate boring tasks.

🕒 Duration: 2h55 in-demand video tutorials

🧑🏻 Instructor: Nicolas Catellier

📈 Difficulty: Intermediate to Advanced

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☠️ Disorganized Revit models are ruining your projects

A disorganized project browser, a sloppy use of view templates and filters, tons of warnings, a bad use of data, chaotic phasing, messed up coordinates, time wasted manually fixing useless stuff.

This sounds familiar? You are not alone. The MANAGE course aims to solve this chaos. Managing Revit doesn't have to be painful.


💧 Let's purify your template and workflows

MANAGE will teach you how to create a great template and organize your project browser. With a well-organized model, you'll be able to generate great schedules with precise data.

Get hundreds of tips for a smooth Revit experience. With Dynamo, you will save time by automating boring tasks.

More Than Just a Course

Included in Manage

▶   Videos: Watch 2h55 of video tutorials in 80 bite-sized lessons.

📖  eBook: Read the gorgeous 347 pages eBook PDF.

⚔️   Challenges: Test your skills with Revit management exercises.

⛩   PRO Template: This course goes hand-in-hand with our PRO template.

◉   Live Sessions: Attend live Q&As and masterclass with the instructor.

 ⚘   Community: Join the gardens, our community of fellow BIM creators.

Workflows and tips included in Manage

Here is a sample of concepts you will integrate in your practice.

Unleash the best Revit plugins

Great plugins can 10x your efficiency. This course recommends 12 different ones.

Organize Line Styles

Create a gorgeous line style for good-looking drawings.

Automate with Dynamo

Dynamo is a way to automate boring tasks without programming experience.

Learn These Precious Skills

Transformation 🦋

After completing this course, you will be transformed into a Revit Master Guru, with the following skills:

  Develop a powerful Revit template.

  Organize your project browser the best way.

✔  Set up view templates, filters and scope boxes.

✔  Make phasing easy for your renovation projects

✔  Master data, grasp the 5 kind of parameters.

✔  Set up a strong note system.

✔  Build powerful schedules.

✔  Finally understand and manage shared coordinates

✔  Solve warnings and keep healthy models.

✔  Automate boring tasks with Dynamo.

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Meet your instructor

Nicolas Catellier

Architect + BIM Specialist

In 2012, I was hired by Atelier 21, a medium-sized architecture firm that tasked me with transitioning the office from AutoCAD to Revit. 

People say that failures are great because you can learn from them. But, do you know what’s even better? Learning from other people’s failures. Many of the tips and workflows here come from catastrophic failures I had to deal with as a BIM manager. Each time, we’ve eventually found better ways to operate.

MANAGE is the course I wish I had 11 years ago when I got started as a BIM manager.

Trusted by Revit Users and BIM Managers


Who is this course for?

  • BIM Managers who need to create a Revit template and write BIM standards.
  • Seasoned Revit users who want to increase their skillset and understand advanced organization concepts.
  • Architects who are sick of disorganized models, and want order in their Revit projects.


Here is everything included inside MANAGE.

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Manage FAQ

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