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Become a Revit Family Mega-Master

Heroic Families

A Course for Revit

Develop gorgeous content, turbo-charge your Revit models

Heroic Families is a course to help you create powerful, strong, lean, and flexible families in Revit.  This is a course for architects, engineers, drafters, and all motivated family creators.

🕒 Duration: 4h24 in-demand video tutorials

👨🏻 Instructor: Nicolas Catellier

📈 Difficulty: Intermediate to Advanced

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☢ Poisonous Families Are Ruining your Projects

Poisonous families are ruining your Revit models. They slow you down, causing loss of time and money. They hurt the morale of your team, they bring ugliness into the world, they don’t spark joy. The solution is Heroic Families.


⚔ You Need Heroic Families

Heroic families are simple yet complete, beautiful but useful. They spark joy among your team. They help you reach full BIM potential.

After you are done with this course, you will destroy the vile poisonous families and harness the power of Heroic families. You will have the skill to model and develop any family you want, and unleash the super-power to help you design gorgeous projects while being efficient.

More Than Just a Course

Included in Heroic Families 👇

▶   Videos: Watch 4h40 of video tutorials in 88 bite-sized lessons.

📖 eBook: Read the gorgeous 342 pages eBook PDF.

⚔️   Challenges: Test your skills with family creation challenges.

⛩   Families: Download all family samples and collections.

◉   Live Sessions: Attend live Q&As and masterclass with the instructor.

 ⚘   Community: Join the gardens, our community of fellow BIM creators.

Examples of Heroic Families

Here is a small chunk of the kind of families you will develop in this course. You can also download the completed versions!

Engineered Floor System

A smart structure family with nested joists, beams and columns.

Giant Wood Pegboard

A fully parametric pegboard with adjustable-length shelves.

Doors Collection

A door family with panels that can be swapped.

Learn these Unique Skills

This course goes deep, with unique, advanced family tricks. Here is a sample of what you can expect. The complete HEROIC FAMILIES course includes hundreds of tips.

Repeated Elements

Master the arrays tool and repeat elements multiple times.

Dimensions Control

Learn how to create intuitive controls for your families, and how to round and limit the available dimensions.

Gorgeous Graphics

You don't want to be embarrassed by the look of your families. Learn how to make them look sexy, and fix visual glitches.

Learn These Precious Skills

Transformation 🦋

After completing this course, you will be transformed into a Heroic Revit Family mega-master, with the following skills:

  Understand all the different kinds of families.

  Unleash formulas and arrays.

✔  Master nested and shared families.

✔  Use complex family features such as adaptive components.

✔  Model high-quality specific families like doors and windows.

✔  Develop powerful families while having fun.

✔  Become the heroic family super-star of your office.

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Meet your instructor

Nicolas Catellier

Architect + BIM Specialist

While you are reading these lines, I am almost certainly thinking about Revit families.

I often see random objects on the street and wonder how they could be developed as a Revit family.

I have been teaching Revit and BIM for more than 7 years. I am known for creating Revit Pure and BIM Pure, where I helped more than a million Revit users solve their problems.

Since 2021, I work full-time as a BIM consultant for a wide variety of clients. Part of my job is to create heroic families for them.

I am passionate about creating gorgeous, helpful, lean families. My goal is to transmit my passion and skills to you.

Trusted by Revit Users and Family Creators


Who is this course for?

  • Architects, BIM Managers, and BIM coordinators who are sick of bad families, and that want to create a gorgeous library.
  • Seasoned Revit users who want to increase their skillset to develop complex, precise content.
  • New family creators seeking intensive training to rapidly build robust and effective family collections.


Here is everything included inside HEROIC FAMILIES.

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Heroic Families FAQ

All your questions about this course, answered.