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Necessity: The mother of BIM PURE’s invention

About BIM Pure

Where we come from

BIM Pure was founded in 2016 after Nicolas Catellier, a BIM specialist who began using Autodesk Revit in 2011, became increasingly aware of BIM professionals’ struggles to maximize their use of the software tool. He noticed that existing courses and books were too long, boring and complicated. Nicolas decided to create his own learning content. His ultimate goal? To make Revit learning enjoyable, hassle-free and efficient for both BIM professionals and teams alike. That’s how Revit Pure came to life.

Since then, BIM Pure has helped millions of users, including architects, engineers, designers and construction contractors, master Revit principles and features. He uses a tried-tested-and-true formula: knowledge sharing through stellar and easy-to-understand imagery, minimalism, and vulgarized concepts.

Making BIM Fun since 2016

Our history

About our founder

Before creating BIM Pure, Nicolas Catellier worked at Atelier 21 Architects, a renowned Canadian architectural firm in Canada that focuses on green building and sustainable development. During his 10-year tenure, he was a designer and BIM manager on multiple large-scale projects.

In 2021 he went full-time on his business, BIM Pure Productions, where he teaches Revit and acts as a BIM consultant for a wide variety of AEC firms. Nicolas also teaches a BIM optimization course at Limoilou College in Québec City, Canada. He has spoken at multiple major conferences, including those hosted by BILT and the BIM Quebec group.

More than 2M Revit users Trained

There is a saner way to learn revit

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