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Create Gorgeous Presentation with Revit


A Course for Revit

You can create stunning models in Revit

DESIGN is a course to help you create beautiful presentation documents by using Revit. Master the visual settings and hidden options to create beauty. You don't have to waste time in SketchUp and Photoshop.

🕒 Duration: 2h34 in-demand video tutorials

👨🏻 Instructor: Nicolas Catellier

📈 Difficulty: Intermediate

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Your Revit Documents Don't Have to be Ugly

Are you tired of hearing that drawings created in Revit are ugly and cannot be used for presentation? Are you sick of wasting time in Photoshop for minor adjustments? You start to lose track of all the iterations. You waste time. The project takes forever to finish. Everyone is frustrated. The struggle is real, right?



Use Revit to Seduce your Clients

With BIM Pure’s Design course, you can create gorgeous models right in Revit to capture your clients’ imaginations and get them stoked on your vision. Let the dreaming, brainstorming and excitement begin!

More Than Just a Course

Included in Design 👇

▶   Videos: Watch 2h21 of video tutorials in 88 bite-sized lessons.

📖 eBook: Read the gorgeous 215 pages eBook PDF.

↟  Families: Download Revit families made for presentation.

◉   Live Sessions: Attend live Q&As and masterclass with the instructor.

 ⚘   Community: Join the gardens, our community of fellow BIM creators.

Sample of DESIGN

Design focus on tips and workflows you can immediately integrate in your projects.


Surprise your client with punchy 3D views, straight out of Revit. No Photoshop required.

Material Mastery

Learn how to navigate subtle features in Revit's material editor.

Seductive Floor Plan

Bring color, contrast and excitement to your floor plans.

Download families and material libraries

DESIGN isn't just a course. Download Revit families for presentation. Get our Revit material library. Multiple view templates are included so you directly apply beauty to your existing models.

Learn These Precious Skills

Transformation 🦋

After completing this course, you will be transformed into a Revit visualization artist, with the following skills:

  Master all Revit visual settings to create punchy drawings.

  Model and present gorgeous site models.

✔  Uplift your floor plans with colors, shadows, and data.

✔  Get tips to create gorgeous 3D views.

✔  Generated exploded axonometric and section-perspective views.

✔  Master materials and prepare the model for renderings.

✔  Compare rendering tools such as Twinmotion and Enscape.

✔  Immerse in your Revit model with VR.

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Meet your instructor

Nicolas Catellier

Architect + BIM Specialist

I have worked for almost 10 years as a BIM Manager at a medium-sized firm. In addition to my BIM duties, I also designed buildings and generated presentation documents.

Many colleagues were skeptical of Revit's presentation capabilities and often stuck to SketchUp and Photoshop.

I've created this course as a counter-point to users convinced that Revit cannot be used for presentation. I've successfully generated renderings, colored elevations, 3D views in Revit.

In this course, I reveal all the tips and strategies to achieve this. Get ready to dump SketchUp. 😉

"Beauty is a form of Genius--is higher, indeed, than Genius, as it needs no explanation." - Oscar Wilde

Trusted by Revit Users in love with beauty


Who is this course for?

  • Architects who are sick of wasting time doing both Sketchup and Revit models in parallel.
  • Designers who need tips to make their presentation views pop out, without wasting time in Photoshop.
  • Visualisation experts who want to understand and maximize Revit features for renderings.


Here is everything included inside DESIGN.

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