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Culture Beats Technology

with Mercedes Carriquiry of /Slantis

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Part 1 - Culture Beats Technology

Culture Beats Technology is a 25-minute mini-course on the BIM Pure platform.

Are you struggling to keep up to date with technology? Are you facing resistance to change in your AEC/BIM practice?

Mercedes Carriquiry has built a powerhouse company at /Slantis, rising from two energetic co-founders to more than 50 employees.

The secret? 🧫Culture.

Watch the first video in a series of 6. The rest is available with a BIM Pure subscription.


More Videos From The Course

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Part 2
3 Contrarian Strategies to Chew On 🔒

🕒 2:06

Culture is what allows a company to embrace technology and innovation.

Part 3
Strategy 1: Productivity 🔒

🕒 6:27

How to get inspiration from a lily pond to resolve problems and be productive.

Part 4
Strategy 2: Information 🔒

🕒 4:30

How to collect problems, bugs, information and create a centralized waterfall of information.

Part 5
Strategy 3: Measurement 🔒

🕒 5:30

Are you measuring the right things? Maybe you need to change the measuring units.

Part 6
Saluting Thoughts 🔒

🕒 1:44

Why you won't achieve innovation and tech adoption without culture.

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Course info:

🏫 Course Name: Culture Beats Technology

👩🏻 Instructor: Mercedes Carriquiry

📅 Release Date: Available Now!

🕖 Duration: 25 minutes


What is included in the course?

🎥 Videos: 25 minutes of edited and highly polished videos.

📖 eBook PDF: an efficient, condensed 30-page PDF summarizing the course.

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Who is the Instructor?

Mercedes Carriquiry loves contrarian thinking. She is also an architect and a co-founder at /Slantis. Mercedes lives in Montevideo, Uruguay.

Most companies fail at adopting new technology.

The problem is rarely a lack of training or technical knowledge. The problem is often a🧫 weak culture.

In this short, efficient, and fun BIM Master session mini-course, Mercedes unveils the secrets to successfully building /Slantis' firebrand, high-tech culture.

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