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Announcing New Course: BIM for Landscape 101

Apr 10, 2024

⛰️ Learn How to Mix Landscape and BIM Together

We're happy to announce a new BIM Master Session mini-course exclusive to the BIM Pure platform. You will learn the basics of combining BIM (Building Information Modeling) and landscape.



Course information:

👩🏻 Instructor: Nehama Shechter-Baraban

🕖 Duration: 28 minutes

📅 Release Date: Now Available!


Who is the instructor?

Nehama Shechter-Baraban is a legendary landscape + BIM savant from Israel. Her first live session on BIM Pure Live about Revit landscape modeling is our most viewed episode ever. She is the COO at Arch-Intelligence, the creator of the great Environment plugin for Revit.

She is a landscape architect, a Revit/BIM expert, a former college instructor, and the mother of a bossy, blue-eyed little girl.

Nehama has a burning passion for both landscape and BIM. In this session, she'll share key knowledge at the intersection of these two disciplines.


Who is this course for?

🙋🏼‍♂️BIM professionals who want to learn more about landscape principles.

🙋🏼‍♀️Landscape professionals who want to learn more about BIM.


What is the curriculum?

This is not a Revit course or a technical course. This covers essential landscape concepts that will help you understand how to think about site modeling.

Intro  (3:09)

Part 1 - Identify your challenge (5:03)

Part 2 - Prepare Your Site (5:40)

Part 3 - Modeling Process: Zoom-In (11:35)

Conclusion (2:38)


What is included in the course?

🎥 Videos: 28 minutes of edited and highly polished videos.

📖 eBook PDF: an efficient, condensed 30-page PDF of pure landscape knowledge.


Can you give me examples of what I'll learn?

Here are some concepts discussed and explained in the course by Nehama:

⚙️ Design vs Technical challenges: Users often confuse design and technical challenges. Identifying your problem is key to solving it.

🌐 The importance of Geo-location: Follow the steps to geolocate your project and avoid losing time, money and worse.

📔 Landscape as a quilt: Landscape isn't one big surface. Learn why it's more like a quilt.

💀 Setting up the design skeleton: Understand what the design skeleton is and why it's crucial to efficient modeling.

🧬 The landscape genetic code: Learn what part of the landscape is considered the "genetic code", and how it can spread to elements on site.


How can I get this course?

This course is included in the BIM Pure membership. Subscribe for one year of BIM Pure, and you'll get to the entire catalog of Revit courses, downloadable content, live masterclasses, access to the community, and all BIM Master Sessions.

You will receive access to the course once it is released.

💵 Price: 348$/year


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