Free Live Masterclass: Mastering ACC Basics

acc revit Jun 17, 2024

Nicolas Catellier teaches a free Masterclass about Autodesk Construction Cloud for your Revit projects. This is a 75-minute session + 15 minutes of Q&A.

📅 Date: July 3rd at 1 PM EDT

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Here are the topics covered in this live event:

  • Understand ACC: Distinguish ACC from BIM 360, and understand the different products included.
  • Licensing Options: Understand what subscriptions you need to get, both for Revit users and project managers.
  • Desktop Connector: Set up the Desktop Connector so you can work with any files without broken links.
  • Basic setup: Set up your ACC account, including teams, permission, folders and basic project setup.
  • Revit setup: Create a Revit cloud workshared project, and invite your teammates.
  • Publishing: Publish models online and visualize them on the web, even without a Revit license.
  • Markups and Issues: Let project managers annotate drawings and assign issues without using Revit.

This is the first masterclass in a series of 4 about the use of Autodesk Construction Cloud for Revit cloud projects.

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